Morning Sun and AIA contract

I’ve been writing a lot of new music lately along with recording new single’s that will be released soon. I couldn’t wait to share this song with you so I made a little video for you. My plan is to release a video of all my new songs, so stay tuned.

Other good news! Me and Future Lion signed a contract with Artist Intelligence Agency and the company is releasing our song „More of you“ October 30th!

New Album „Afflicted“ & new single „More of you“ out now!

Magnus Dagsson released his debut album September 20th. We co-wrote the lyrics of the album together and recorded the album in LA last year.

You can listen to the album here:

This summer I started working with the Icelandic artist Future Lion. I wrote the lyrics and melody to his song which we recorded and released September 14th.

„More of you“ has been played at the Radio Channel KissFM in Iceland.

I loved working on both projects and hope you like it.

New Single „Peace of mind“ out now!

Last year I started working with the Icelandic Artist Magnus Dagsson. We co-wrote all the lyrics together mostly in LA and tried to find inspiring locations to write our lyrics either at Runyon Canyon or at our rooftop looking at the sunset, when in Iceland we mostly wrote by the fireplace. We recorded a whole album in 2018 and now our first single is out.

We were invited to an interview at the Icelandic Radio Station K100 to talk about our latest single and upcoming album.

You can listen to „Peace of Mind“ on Spotify, iTunes and more.

IMG_7454 (1)



Útvarpsviðtal á Áttunni

Við Magnus Dagsson skruppum í útvarpsviðtal á Áttunni rétt áður en við héldum til Los Angeles nú í haust. Í þættinum fluttum við lagið Loving you sem má finna á fyrstu plötunni minni „Silence“

Before leaving for LA in the fall of 2017 I and Magnus Dagsson did a radio interview for the station „Áttan“ in Reykjavík. During the interview we performed the song Loving you from Silence unplugged.


Silence er plata vikunnar á Rás 2 vikuna 16.-22. október

Vikuna 16.-22. október var platan mín “ Silence“ plata vikunnar á Rás 2. Platan var kynnt í þættinum Plata vikunnar þann 16. október og lög af plötunni spiluð reglulega í útvarpi þá vikuna.

Hér getið þið hlustað á þáttinn í heild sinni

Arnar Eggert rýndi svo í plötuna og hér getið þið lesið plötudóminn


During October 2017, Silence, was the record of the week on the Icelandic National Radio. The music critic Arnar Eggert gave us a great review.



Silja Ros’s debut album, Silence, was released on July 12th 2017. If you like to buy the CD  please contact Silja Ros or go to Spotify.

Silence fyrsta plata Silju Rósar kom út 12. júlí 2017. Platan er til sölu í 12 Tónum, flestum Eymundsson verlsunum og í Hakinu á Þingvöllum.